Tinderbox 2016 must sees

By June 23, 2016 Music

My 5 favourite artists at this year’s Tinderbox Festival in Odense

Another week – another festival. Yay!

It seems that the great vibes of last weekend’s Northside Festival in Aarhus have hardly left before I’m heading off to yet another big music festival.

I’m going there with my sister and two friends and I’m very excited. Last year was the first for Tinderbox Festival – you can read a bit about it here – but it was great. The lineup, the logistics, the food and location. Apart from the weather which is not their fault, everything was pretty much perfect. So I’ve got high expectations this year!

My 5 must sees are all bands that I’ve seen a lot of times. Most of them hold a special place in my heart as they (along with a whole lot of David Bowie and The Doors) made up the soundtrack of my early youth.

1. Rammstein

I don’t know if it’s the brutal beats or the rolling R’s. I just really love Rammstein and their heavy-duty industrial east german sound and lyrics. I saw them once at Roskilde in 1998. It was such a powerful experience and literally blew me away (as I was way at the front).


2. Suede

First time I heard Suede live at Roskilde 1999 – where they played 3 shows in 3 days. I saw all of them and since then I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen them live. One of the most memorable times was at Smukfest where they had just reformed. It was so beautiful that my friend and I cried (which I rarely do at concerts).

3. The Sandmen

Oh man, I had such a crush on the singer Allan Vegenfeldt when they came out back in my teens. The Sandmen was my first real grown-up concert, and they played at the local institution for the mentally handicapped. Some of my friends, that were a few years older than me had arranged the show and I was soo excited about going. I remember sneaking out backstage after the show but left quickly as the guys in the band were really into the whole sex, drugs and rock’n’roll at the time. A bit tooo frightening for a 14-year-old girl from Ribe I guess :-) I’ve since interviewed the singer and reviewed their concerts a few times. Not so scary anymore.


4. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

This will be another trip down memory lane for me. Dizzy had huge success back in the mid 90’s and just recently reformed and released an album (which sounds exactly like the old stuff). I saw them last summer at Northside Festival and they were in great shape. I wonder if we’ll be trying to climb the backstage fence again  to hang out with them as we did when they played in Ribe back in 90-something? Well, lets hope we don’t get any bright ideas :-)

5. Flogging Molly

One of my all time favourite folk-punk heroes. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live two times earlier. The last time was a great show at Tonder Festival. They’re always incredibly energetic and a bit of riverdance-mosh pit action is always a given at their concerts,

Well, I’m off to Odense. See you!


(My sister and I at last year’s Tinderbox in Odense)

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Snapshots: Friends at Northside Festival 

By June 22, 2016 Features & interviews, Photography

Northside festival is over and it was a blast. The weather was great (mostly) and I got to spend a lot of fun times with good friends. Here’s a few snapshots I took while enjoying Jake Bugg in the sun this Sunday.

This last one was taken by Toke.

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Northside 2016 must sees

By June 11, 2016 Music
kunst 12- foto- Johanne Teglgård Olsen©

My 5 favourite artists at this year’s Northside Festival in Aarhus

Northside 2016 is less than a week away and I’m looking sooo much forward to it. It is one of my all time favourite music venues. Not only is  the festival venue located within walking distance from where we live, it also never fails when it comes to the lineup.

To be brutally honest I think that last year’s lineup was a tiny bit more impressive than this year, but there is a lot of great acts so I’m still super excited.

As usual the house is going to be full of friends staying over during the weekend and lots of friends are going to the festival as well. So I’ll be busy getting everything ready for the invasion.

But back to the music…


1) Iggy Pop

My absolute favourite this year is Mr. James Newell Osterberg Jr. better known as Iggy Pop. I’ve seen him several times at other festivals and smaller venues and I love the raw power that just seems to ooze out him. I also really like the new album ‘Post Pop Depression’ produced by another favourite of mine Josh Homme who also tours with Iggy at the moment. I did however hear that Josh Homme will not be there next friday which is a bit of a disappointment but I’m sure Iggy will manage without him.


2) The Chemical Brothers

It’s been a long time since The Chemical Brothers has been on my radar. Their album ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ were a bit of a party favourite for me when I was living in Copenhagen in the late 90s and the last time I saw them live was at Roskilde Festival 1999. I actually bumped into them in the street a few days after the concert and we had a pleasant chat about electronic music which was really booming in Denmark at that time. Looking forward to reliving some of those 90s dormitory party vibes.

Beck 2 (1)

3) Beck

I never say no to a Beck concert. He always delivers a brilliant performance. Last summer I saw him at Smukfest in Skanderborg and it was great. I loved the set as well as the amazing light and graphics happening onstage. I expect nothing less at Northside. And especially if the weather isn’t great – Beck always makes me smile (and dance).


4) Duran Duran

Call me kitsch, I really don’t care. I confess I have a weakness for 80s pop music and apparently so has the Northside Festival. Last year it was Grace Jones where we sang along so much I ended up loosing my voice (and my friend Nanna had to order hot dogs for the both of us on our way home, haha). I’m sure this year will be no different. It’s been more than a decade since I last saw them and before that the band had been on a break for 20 years. I reviewed the concert for Gaffa Magazine in 2005 – read here (in Danish) – and gave them 4 out of 6 stars so I have high expectations.


5) The Vaccines / The Temper Trap

Both great bands but I’m looking forward to these two acts purely out of sentimental reasons. They were both warming up for The Rolling Stones when I went to see them play in Hyde Park in London in 2013. A wonderful day spent with good friends (although the queues were a bit too long). I didn’t really pay attention to the warm up acts so this time I’ll give them a proper listen.


Apart from these I would recommend: Beach House, Sigur Rós, Childrenn, Refused and The Minds of 99. I could go on but these are my must sees for Northside 2016.

Kærlighed56. Fotograf Bea Brix ©

For more information on Northside Festival please go here

NS16_1.Nyhedsbrev (4)

Photo credit: Northside Festival

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Concert: Ebbot Lundberg and The Indigo Children

By May 28, 2016 Creative People, Features & interviews, Music

Captivating solo debut by the Swedish psych-rock guru

I go to LOT of concerts every year. I try to go to as many music festivals as I can and see live music once a week – sometimes more if I’m lucky. Most shows are really great, some can be a little disappointing and other times you come across something really special.

A few weeks ago I went to see the Swedish singer and songwriter Ebbot Lundberg at my favourite venue Voxhall in Aarhus. Lundberg isn’t all that well-known in Denmark as a solo artist but he’s played here quite a few times as singer of The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Union Carbide Productions. He’s also produced a lot of other well-known artists such as The Cardigans, Jane Birkin and Turbonegro.

On his 50th birthday February 26 2016 he released a solo album: For The Ages To Come with his new band The Indigo Children.


(Photo: Peter Nilsson)

I arrived at the venue a few minutes before the show and apart from the bartenders and sound guys, the room was virtually empty.

A few minutes later we were about 20 people there. Two gangly teenage boys in long robe like uniforms entered the stage and started fiddling about with the keyboards and a guitar. Squeezing my water bottle just a little tighter I caught myself thinking “Jeeez, really can’t be arsed to hear another teen warmup band”.

More teens came onstage and suddenly it dawned on me: they’re the band! The Indigo Children were literally children. Who knew?!

Seconds later Ebbot who’s infamous for his raging live performances in the past came on and kicked off a hell of a show and the kids played surprisingly well albeit a few insecure moments.


As I wasn’t doing a review that night I didn’t take any notes but the show was a great mix of songs from the new album and gems from Ebbot’s long career. I did miss a few TSOOL favourites but it really didn’t matter because the room was filled with love and wonderful psychedelic sounds. It also seemed like the band decided to give the few people who showed up a proper run for their money, which in my opinion characterises a true artist.

Halfway through the song ‘Calling From Heaven’ an almost magical thing happened. A super enthusiastic guy in a wheelchair suddenly rolled up to the metal railing in front of the stage. Using all his strength he pulled himself out of the wheelchair and started waving his arms around cheering on the band. Ebbot rushed across the stage wearing his tambourine round his neck, put his foot up on the railing and started singing to the man like some kind of psychrock preacherman. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that at a concert before :-)

So if Ebbot Lundberg is playing anywhere near you – do go and see the show. Until then, you can check out some of his music here.

Love, Lisa

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