Bead bracelets 

By May 21, 2016 Be Creative

It’s Saturday. It’s raining outside and sometimes it’s just nice to loose yourself in doing something creative for a little while. 

I have a lot of craft supplies and thought it would be nice to make a few bracelets for myself – or as a gift (who knows?).

I used tiny glass beads, elastic thread and some black semi precious faceted stones that look like looking up at the universe on a clear night (I don’t remember the name). 

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11 cool cycling jerseys for women

By May 12, 2016 Cycling

Why is it so hard to find cool cycling jerseys for women?
Well, it is here in Denmark anyway…

Lately the weather here in DK has finally found out that we’re closing in on Summer and temperatures have been sunny with more than two digits during the daytime. That means I’m back in the saddle, trying to get back in shape after a never-ending wet and grey winter.

I started out this season by treating myself to a new pair of cycling shorts. As you may know, lack of decent padding can literally ruin any attempt of riding for more than let’s say 10 minutes – especially if you’re riding several days in a row. So I splurged out and bought myself the most expensive ones in the shop. A pair of Assos bib shorts. Although they were on sale, they still set me back about 1.500 kr. = 230 dollars.
It is however, money well spent.


While shopping for shorts, I was surprised to find that not only was the choice of women’s cycling jerseys (and gear in general) extremely limited but also extremely boring to look at.

The men’s section was a whole other story with cool looking, colourful gear in all the sizes you could ever want for.

I know that cycling is hugely more popular with men in Denmark and that obviously explains the non-existing women’s range at the shops, but it kind of annoys me. So I started looking around the interwebs for cool women’s cycling jerseys. And here’s my wish list so far:

cycling gear women 2016

  1. Pedla 2. Twin Six 3. Castelli  4. dhb Blok 5. MAAP  6. Milltag 7. La Passione 8. Twin Six

9. Morvelo


10. Milltag 

11. Morvelo


(This is NOT a sponsored post. I just happen to love the designs)

Free retro space travel posters

By February 16, 2016 Creative Tools, Features & interviews, Infographics, Posters

Imagine walking hand in hand with your loved one along the crimson fields of Kepler-186f or partying like there’s no tomorrow on PSO J318.5-22 where there literally is no tomorrow. Or why not experience the gravity of “Super-Earth” HD 40307g or admire the mighty auroras of Jupiter?

New travel posters from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, envision a day when the creativity of scientists and engineers will allow us to do things we can only dream of now.

You can take a virtual trip to 14 alien worlds, and maybe even plaster your living room with planetary art, via the new, futuristic space tourism posters. The posters are available free for downloading and printing here.




Last year, five posters depicting planets beyond our solar system were introduced as part of JPL’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau series. They are included in the latest set of 14 posters, which also show such locales as Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, Saturn’s vapor-spewing moon Enceladus, and the dwarf planet Ceres.





The posters are the brainchild of The Studio at JPL, a design and strategy team that works with JPL scientists and engineers to visualize and depict complex science and technology topics. Their work is used in designing space missions and in sharing the work of NASA/JPL with the public.


The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena manages JPL for NASA.
More information about JPL here

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It’s almost time

By February 15, 2016 Creative People, Features & interviews, Infographics

Malofiej 24 Infographics World Summit in Pamplona, March 9-11

My favourite conference Malofiej is less than a month away and I’m really looking forward to it again this year.

This year’s speakers and the full program was published last week and let me just tell you. This is the place to go if you’re interested in infographics and want to meet all the best infographic artists in the world.

The conference is held at the university of Navarra in Pamplona and the program spans widely with speakers covering topics like: Infographics as propaganda in the USSR, experiments with virtual reality and how to demystify complex research.


Speakers 24 Malofiej World Summit:

Brian Boyer. Visuals Editor NPR, National Public Radio (Washington, USA)
Raúl Camañas. Graphics Artist, La Vanguardia (Barcelona, Spain)
Len De Groot. Director of Data Visualization, Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, USA)
Simon Ducroquet. Art Editor, Nexo Jornal (São Paulo, Brazil)
Maxim Gorchakov. Head of Moscow office, Infographer (Moscow, Russia)
Lena Groeger. Science Journalist & Designer, News Apps Developer, ProPublica (New York, USA)
Ashleigh Jackson. Sport Editorial Designer, BBC (London, UK)
Lauren James. Senior Graphics Editor, National Geographic Magazine (Washington, USA)
Maarten Lambrechts. Multimedia and Data Journalist, De Tijd / L’Echo (Brussels, Belgium)
Carlos Monteiro. Former Graphics Director, Jornal i (Lisboa, Portugal)
Kim Rees. Co-founder, Periscopic (Portland, USA)
Archie Tse. Deputy Graphics Editor, The New York Times (New York, USA)
Monica Ulmanu. Visual Journalist, The Guardian (London, UK)
Richard Saul Wurman. Author, architect, cartographer, teacher, urban designer, information architect, and information theorist. Founder TED Conference and chairman since 1984 to 2002 (USA)
Diana Yoo. Art Director, Pew Research Center (Washington, USA)

My absolute favourite speaker this year (and last year too) is TED-founder Richard Saul Wurman. Sadly he had to cancel his visit last year due to illness. So this time I’ve got my fingers crossed and will be looking very much forward to his talk.

It’s my third year at the conference and like every year, the Danish delegation will be rating the speakers. Last year I wrote a guest post about the conference on Visualoop and made this infographic on the ratings of the speakers at Malofiej 23.

About the Malofiej World Summit 

The 24th Infographics World Summit will be held in Pamplona at the School of Communication at the University of Navarra, between March 6 and 11, 2016. The Social Sciences Building of the University of Navarra will be the location for the meetings of the awards jury prior to the Summit, as well as the site of the Summit itself and the “Show Don’t Tell!” workshop. The Infographics World Summit will bring together jury members, speakers, media professionals from around the world, academics and students.

For seven days Pamplona becomes the world capital of infographics. As every year, the 24th Infographics World Summit will offer a special program and the book Malofiej 23 be presented, which features with the works from the previous year’s event.

The World Summit also includes a series of awards.

The Malofiej Awards have since 1993 given recognition to the best infographics published in print and on-line across the globe. Every March an international jury meets for nearly four days at the School of Communication at the University of Navarra in Pamplona (Spain). They select those works worthy of gold, silver or bronze medals from among dozens of entries submitted to the competition.

Follow Malofiej on Twitter and Facebook

Read more about my visits to Malofiej here, here and here


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